arbor cafe

Arbor Cafe

Home cooking with styles!

Welcome to home of gourmet county cooking, voted the best Lemon Chicken in Dallas! Our menue ranges from fresh trout to sirloin steak to homeade meatloaf.

Originally a 1910 estate, Willow Bend Offers informal patio dining, inside each of our themed rooms, or after work relaxation in the Libary Bar.

Menu Favorites

Menue items are daily , but your faviorite are always availible!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Pancakes & More Choice of fresh fruit Chicken Wrap Tortilla Wrap grilled chicken & veggies Steak & Bake Sirloin with chioce of backed fries or cheesy potatoes Fruit Surprise Fresh berries,almond & melon Slad Salute Breaded salad bowl with chioce of topping Fish Delight Steamed with fresh veggies Cearal Crunch Choice of berry toppings Turkey Surprise Baked,Fries,or Cheesy Potatoes Vegtables Galore Choice of 4 steamed fresh veggies We can prepare any special meals or meet your childs dietary needs!

"just about the best food i've eaten west of the Mississippi" say Sam Smith, food edit for the Twilight news.

call ahead - we welcome reservations!

We are located on the north shore of White Rock Lake, offering a panoramic veiw of Downton Dallas.

5555 White Rock Lake Drive

Dallas tx 75238

214 224 4245

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